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Nov. 14th, 2004 @ 01:29 pm Best party ever
Current Mood: quixoticquixotic
Current Music: The distillers
Well well well..I didnt get to write about how pissed off I was Thursday nite cos Barry asked Sarah out...But thats all over. Anywhore yestrerday I was all blah like..And first period I just took my test. It was cool. I sat around with Toya. Ummm second I went and just sat with Paulina,Jason and Amber Dent because she decided to come to our table. So we sat around and did shit all. Ummmm just talked..Purr..sexxy guy in bondage pants is here. Anywhore then thrid period I sat around nad we desovled more shit in acitone. Ummm then we went to Algebra and just sat around, me nad Thomas. Gotta love him..Oh and it was my bday so everyone and their fucking brother said hi to me and happy bday. Im so special. Then Lunch was just lunch I didnt eat just talked. Spanish was me and Camron talking. Then I walked Mark, Barry,Cory, and Camron to class. Then in ceramcis we just talked about shit. Drama I messed with Mrs Johnson cos shes so damn ghetto....Oh and then Ambers bf Robert came up and got her a stuffed animal and some roses. And we all really think shes preggers. Anywhore then Lauren got my name put on announcments for my bday...I got clowned by the princepal..that sucks. Umm then mum came nad we waited for ages waiting for the appt. Then we got ariels pet from Li's work. Then we got my cake and it said the used on both sides nad the middle said. BERT IS MY HOMEBOY! In blue...Yes It was awesome. Then we waited for Kathryn and everyone was already there. So we got there and It was Amber,Leighann,David,Mark,Mike,Rachie,Sarah,Kaser,April and Ariel...Which was really fucking funny. So we all just sat and talked. And then I got hte cake and everyone sang to me..And the party got hyped cos I was all "lets go outside" So we did and cake was thrown and almost his Barry in the head which was really funny. *smirks* then Mike kept trying to spit his game to my sister. lol Then we went inside and opened prezzies..which was funny because the took piccies of the thongs they got me and shit. Then David put the thongs on and danced and gave me a lap dance. Then we put the music on and all hell broke loose....I cant even begin to explain how much of David's 13 year old ass was on me..*laughs hystarically* Omg..Hes so horny but its so damn funny. Gotta love shit like that...And Kaser totally came out of his shell and was like dancing dirty and riding me like a pony which was even funnier how dirty he got..*gigles* Yes it was so hella cool. Omg Librarians are so damn petty nad mean. *growls* Anywhore we just...god I cant even type anymore but lets just say it was hte best party Ive had without gettting high or drunk..thumbs up..Anywhore me and Kaser were snuggling. It was cool then we went to bed. And then we were worken up at 9:20 by mark and david so we got up...and that was that we've been up since now Im out to get a new piercing..ta
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