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Jul. 19th, 2012 @ 03:33 am 2012
Current Mood: refreshedrefreshed
Current Music: AFI-God Called In Sick Today
Seeing as it's 2012, its been a long time. It feels like lifetimes ago actually. Things were so easy and the things I wrote about were so trivial. If me then, met me now' I'd think I was pretty lame. And me now would wanna smack the fuck outta the me of 2005. Or maybe warn her a bit. Life's been great, but rocky as shit. I've grown loads between now and then and I can't even believe all that I've been through since then. Being 15 was so simple.Good to know my love for Battle Royale hasn't changed, or some of the people I have mentioned in previous posts. In fact I had the great opportunity to spend time with Rachel and Corrie today. I've made a lot of new friends, and been a lot of new places (Haven't gotten to the UK yet). All I can see is this is about to be my dirty little secret....For all the internet to see. Oh how thinking back on one thing, leads down a random spiral to look up old journals :p
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Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 04:19 pm (no subject)
Not much going on just random shit
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Feb. 24th, 2005 @ 05:10 pm Day 5 without Bill
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: MSI'Tornado'
Well not much going on today. School was pretty badass as usua. FUCKING BOMB THREATS!!!!Anywhore yesterday was cool at the lodge. Im happy for Corrie cos she gets to move in with her mom next week. ^_^! Anywhore thats about it. Kevin is gonna gow with me to the ball! W00t! my hair is the shit. School was ok. Not much happened. Then I came home and Mark and Dave came over and thyeve been playing DDR with me..
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Feb. 20th, 2005 @ 01:52 pm I DONT MESS WITH HOES I FUCK BITCHES UP!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Unwritten Law "Save me"
Well it's been awhile since I updated. Friday was ok. we didnt really do anything. We went to the lodge then me and Ariel went home and watched CSI adn went to bed. I woke up at 10:10 and Played DDR adn ate pie and took a shower. Then Barry came over. lol We went to Rach adn Sarah's house. My dress for the ball came in. I showed everyone...They think I look hot in it. And I know I am..Then we got ready to go to the Emerson. It was Lori and I in front. Rach, Tuck and Kevin in the middle. And Corrie, Mike, Eyes, Ariel, Barry, Sarah. Then we got Beth. So Beth was sitting in the middle with Rach, Tuck and Kevin. God it was crowded. All we heard was bitching. So we got dropped off nad some homies were in front of the Emerson. Oh I got my whip back. So we went in the McDonalds and then I peed. And then we stood outside the tat shop next to the Emerson and fucking Bill was in there getting a tat...God that tat was awesome. And he was telling everyone how I was obsessed with him..Lol that ass. Oh and we saw Lumpy and he was on a leash and everyone walked him for a bit..It was funny when Beth did it. Oh and we started Whipping people again. Like the olden days. Oh and Beth made out with all kinds of girls. It was hot. So we stood outside for 3 hours. We got in line and stood for ever!!!! And smoked fags and I made out with Beth.(For futrue refrence Its been a day since Ive seen Bill). She's so gorgous. Then Matt Traut was there with Brian. God he's lost so much fucking weight. Anywhore Revile was awesome. Loved it. Me and Beth went crazy..Oh yes and I got mad at Corrie cos she was being COrrie like. And I was mad at Ariel and Sarah for kissing even tho it was obviously pissing off Barry. Oh and Barry got sad and wouldnt talk to anyone for awhile. ANywhore everyone stood in the corner and smoked. I met Peaches and the rest of Mike's weird ass friends. Peaches is hot. Ummm so yes. In the end Matt Traut was high and Corrie ended up on his lap and he said she fell. Umm Spil was awesome! lol Dave got naked on stage..It was so fucking hilarous!!!!! lol The lead singer of Spil was like "YOU NEED TO POP THOSE PIMPLES ON YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!" lol Then our short friend got beat up for headbanging and hitting a guy on accident the guy hit me on accident nad pissed me off. Kevin help pull shorty up. lol It sucked. Oh and Beth made out with Peaches and wants to be bi for him...*sobs* In the end we went outside nad hugged and kissed everyone. But Matt B was there! So that was a prob cos getting there was a hassle..now adding Matt B. That sucks. It sucked we were so cramped..Lol so we got back and went inside and made a Tacobell fund. lol Everyone staied hte night but Tuck. In the end it was Corrie on the brown couch, Mike, Liz(Beth or Elisabeth),Kevin and I spooning. Ariel and Barry on my flower couch. ..oh and I WANNA FUCK KRIS UP HTE BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!! ^.~ Anywhore we didnt get to bed at all...We all slept off and On..lmao..So then we woke up and Beth was supposed to be gone by 9 but we laied around and talked for a few hours nad got up. I gave her my rainbow scarf and my jacket..Mmmmmmm Beth in my clothes...lol Oh so next weekend we're going to see Rocky Horror..And that is all. ta
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Feb. 17th, 2005 @ 05:02 pm (no subject)

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Feb. 17th, 2005 @ 04:35 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails'ruiner'
Well then last nite was ok. Jessica went with mom and I to go shopping. Then we went and got some Vietamese food as I said before. The lodge was ok. We sang Country Grammar and some other songs.Lmao. It was funny cos it was fast rapping. Then hte trailer park wiggers came nad sat with us and talked to me about Marylin Manson and shit. It was funny. Oh and Ariel broke up with Dave and now he wants to kill us all. Fun eh? What else. So I went home ate and took a shower. Today I got up. First period I made my valentines that are 4 days late..lmao! lol then Second I sat around and did shit all. Third a half ass slept. Fourth we had that sub so I sat and ate and talked to Jason. lol Lunch was ok we talked about opression..it was amusing! lol. Then in Spanish I found out that Kevin is attracted to Kelly. Kelly would never have that..Poor Kevin shouldnt get his hopes up. Ceramics was ok. I sat around nad looked at hte ado piccie..Oh yeah. Lauren brought piccies from graduation and theres one of me and Ado that she gave to me..its so adorable..lol I love it. Im gonna frame it. lol..Oh and Eric had that dog that I gave him in 5th grade...lmao. Last period I finshed my project on Rose McGowan.lol Its so sexxy. Then I hugged Thomas and left. And I went home watched Jerry had an orgasm and came here. The end.
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Feb. 14th, 2005 @ 04:52 pm (no subject)
I miss Kris!!!!....KRIS I MISS YOU HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! w00t! *purrs* I still love my sexxie mommy! ^.~ - Why did I just now think of her??????
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Feb. 14th, 2005 @ 04:18 pm Long time no post
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Coldplay'yellow'
Meh. Rach's all mad at me cos I dun wanna come over anymore. I offer for her to come and see me all the time but she doesnt want to (I say it's the sims ^.^ lol. But anywhore if her sister could have an adult conversation with me then we could fix it but other than that I refuse to deal with it. In other news it's Valentines day..lol a shit day if you ask me..or if you ask any other girl that doesnt have a bf. Meh it was ok. Ariel got me a chocolate rose..Ummm yes last nite I went on a dancing binge..I think its cos Im depressed. Who knows. Anywhore I danced all nite..it was weird. In other news today was ok. Thomas told me Happy Valentines day and he got my bon bons but he was so late to school he forgot to grab them ^_^. Umm what else. First period was ok. I did most of my work. And then just sat around. Second was ok. We got cookies from the sub from hell. We read our play adn then sat around for 40 mins. I missed my leadership meeting cos I didnt hear the announcments cos everyone was talking. I didnt find out til 3rd period. Anywhore me and Eric were talking. He still has the little dog I gave him as a prezzie in 5th grade..awwww!.Lol ICP was boring as usual. I sat around and listened to Joe and Creig and Q.T. talk about dice. And then they were buying guns offa eachother..Lmao! It amazes me how ghetto school is. Speech was annoying nothing good went on. I got annoyed but Jason made me feel better. Lunch was ok. Thomas swears I came to the table in a bitchy tone but I think he's wrong. Lol. It was ok. Cameron shocked us all. We were talking about how Joe56 is a stoner. And how it's Valentines Day. Cameron looks up and then grabs his bag which contains a chocolate rose. Gets up so me nad Thomas jump up to see who he gives it to. He walks two tables over to Kelly drops it in front of her and says "Happy Valentines day" why he wasnt blushing we do not know. But Thomas and I were blushing enough for him. It was great. We started laughing. We dont necissarily think its cos it was funny..just cos it was unexpected. lol. It was good shit. In Spanish we made cards nad I made one for Thomas. It was really pretty even tho I knew he'd tear it up cos he promised Maggie he would if he got one..lol..Maggie gave me special privileges. Lol Thomas is aloud to give me things. I feel special w00t! ^.~. Lol Umm Ceramics was ok. We sat around. Matt Cannon got arrested for trying to buy liquor..lol it was hilarious. So he had all his piercings gone but 1 >.< What else. Kevin is mad at Jessica cos she's all over my Mikey...lol I luff Mikey. What elsers....Ummm Drama was ok we have to research someone. Im doing Rose McGowen...Arent I cool??? WHen I got home Dave was there then Eyes came in two secs later..Then we walked to Mikey's busstop and he wanst there and Lori passed nad she say Dave and she just mean mugged him like none other..lmao..So now Im on campus with mum hoo ha! Outtie
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Dec. 24th, 2004 @ 01:02 pm w00t
Current Music: Teen Titans theme song
Well not much going on theres noone around because I am at the Childrens museum. People suck...But I ate some kick ass cheesy fries....Umm thats about it..People suck ...why do I keep saying that. I want a boy to ask me out on Xmas...The kids around me are on about Teen Titans
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Dec. 23rd, 2004 @ 10:21 am (no subject)
I dont really fucking update this but hoo ha!!
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